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One of Florida's oldest ad agencies is young again

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Added on April 19, 2018

VSM—Vergason Sojourner & McWaters—is fifty years young and killing it again after a very brief, very short hibernation. The agency's halcyon days as one of Florida's most notable real estate marketing resources have passed and the new VSM is emerging as a revitalized, energized, multi-dimensional version of its former self.

Mark Vergason remains at the helm as President of the agency. Mark McWaters still oversees the creative product as Exec. VP Creative Director. But a lot has changed in an incredibly short time. There's a new Vergason on staff, for one. Mark's son Chase Vergason has joined the agency to head up the digital/social side of the business. With Chase's help, growth has been astounding.

So, why the new direction? Blame Starbucks and old clients who kept calling to ask 'What's up with you guys?' Two years ago Mark and Mark met at their favorite coffee shop over Grande dark roast coffees and hatched a plan to give VSM a rebirth. They did it once. Why not do it again? Right? ... And so they did.

Today, the new VSM (the idea of calling it VSM II was briefly considered and quickly trashed) has new offices in Heathrow; complete with a coffee bar, pool table, crystal chandelier, plush leather couches and seating areas—and not a desk in sight. VSM employees meet there regularly with clients and to brainstorm. But most work is done at home on each employee's home computer. The employees like it better. The work is better. It's faster and a lot more convenient for everyone.

The client list is also much more diverse than before. Yes, there is a little real estate—selected only after much discussion and soul-searching. But there are also legal clients, insurance and finance, automotive, boating, and some very exciting new acquisitions on the near horizon.

Brand development is still a primary strength of VSM, paired with creative that is still impossible to ignore. But it's also a digital world out there (we know you got the memo) that's growing exponentially every day. Opportunities are too many to count and the future is so exhilarating Mark and Mark have lost plenty of sleep trying to decide what to aim for next.

It's an exciting time to be in business. It's an exciting time to match talents and skills to the ever-fluid marketing landscape. More important, for clients and employees alike, it's a mind-blowing, goose-bump filled, super-exciting time to be at VSM. 

For more information, contact Mark Vergason: [email protected].

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