Promotions & Direct Response

Promotions & Direct Response

Promotions and Direct Response are often different sides of a similar coin. Promotions are marketing ideas/sales propositions framed in creative and unusual ways. They're designed to induce trial of new products and provide incentives for existing customers to buy more and more often. Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Profits Go to Charity, Free Sample. You get the idea.

The list of promotion alternatives is long and varied including such diverse tactics as contests, giveaways, cause marketing, branded gifts, couponing, quantity discounts, customer appreciation events, loyalty programs, sampling, refund incentives, couponing, end aisle displays, referral programs and more. There is virtually no limit to the manner in which each of these tactics can be developed and expressed.

Direct response marketing is designed to elicit an immediate response and urge prospects to take some specific action, like calling for more information, placing an order, opting in to your email list, or being directed to your web page.

Direct Response (in traditional and in digital forms) is often called upon to deliver the promotional idea to a select audience of prospects within a specific geographic, niche or demographic category. The aim is normally to appeal to a narrowly defined audience and eliminate the middleman, including retailers and wholesalers. Direct response vehicles can take many forms including invitations, post cards, flyers, 3-D mailers, lotteries, interactive TV, on-line offers of products and services, catalogs, e-mail offers, free-standing kiosks, telemarketing, newsletters and infomercials, all of which require a strong offer in order to succeed.

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